Science Week

March 13, 2017

This is a picture of one of the most famous scientists the world has ever seen, Albert Einstein. Research Albert and find out at least five exciting facts about his life. Make sure to write your answer in your words.

The weather and the sea mirror the mood and feelings of the characters. Write character descriptions whilst mentioning the weather.

Jewish Week

February 27, 2017

Jewish week

Jewish week

Jewish week

Choose one of the items that you see in the pictures above and write a description detailing what it is, what it is used for and why it is important to Jewish people?

The LEGO Story

February 6, 2017

Create a biography for Ole Christiansen.

Bibo, ‘It is not just a machine… He is different’  Bibo is a robot, he has a warranty for 100,000 years.
Bibo wheels his Ice Cream trailer to his corner each day, he watches the clock, no one comes, day after day, after day.  We have little clues that not everything is how it seems.  Where is everybody?  We don’t see any customers and Bibo seems to be remembering back to his past, echoing with the sounds of children’s laughter.

The opening of the film lets us see Bibo in his environment, there are clues to his past in his picture frames on the walls and the commentary running in the background.  One day Bibo has a vivid flashback, a hallucination.  He goes home and he creates a friend for himself.  We do not know what he is going to do with his new automaton or who she is but again the film makers give us clues. Bibo has created this whole world in order to recreate the good times in his life.